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Spending the night in a fixed camp is the most popular option for tourists spending the night in Wadi Rum. After spending the day in the desert, you will arrive at the camp where you can relax in your own private tent. Our camp is located in the perfect spot to watch the sun set behind the desert cliffs. In the evening, you can mingle with other tourists in our large, communal tent. Here is where we will eat a traditional Bedouin meal with a fantastic view. Our camp also has a clean bathroom and shower facility where you can freshen up after a long day.

In the morning, a breakfast of local foods will be served in the large tent. After breakfast, you will set off to your next destination. If you are heading back to the Wadi Rum Village, our camp is conveniently located at only 15 km away from the village Check out more pictures of our camp below.

We believe that the best way to experience nighttime in Wadi Rum is to sleep under the stars. This way, you will experience all that the desert has to offer, from the indescribable calmness below to the endless night sky above. We truly believe that spending the night in Wadi Rum, bivouac style, is one of the most powerful experience’s that one can have in our desert.

For all of our overnight tours, we offer tourists the option to set up camp in the desert. Out here, everyday life feels like lightyears away. At our campsite, we use ancient methods to prepare a traditional meal for all of our guests. The meal is accompanied by live traditional music played by a talented local musician. Afterwards we will settle in for the night, staring up at the Milky Way.

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